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Data Analysis  
Review and interpret national and state student assessment reports to highlight the academic areas of strength and growth. Support parents/guardians identify evidence-based practices that should be employed by the classroom teacher to impact proficiency and growth. 
Parent-Teacher Conference Intermediary

Support parents/guardians with parent-teacher conferences to ensure evidence-based practices are being utilized and accountability is placed on all parties. 

 Disciplinary Hearing/Meeting

Support parents/guardians with suspension and/or expulsion meetings to ensure interventions were implemented and practices and policies were followed prior to the exclusionary practice. 
Individual Education Plan (IEP) Interpreter 
Review and put in layman's terms the components of a student's IEP. Ensure that parents/guardians are knowledgeable about the accommodations and goals of the student's IEP. Ensure that all parties are held accountable for student's academic and behavioral growth. 
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Special Education Annual
Case Conference Intermediary 

Support parents/guardians with annual case conferences to ensure IEPs are being followed and updated to match appropriate approaches and goals for the child. Ensure accountability is placed on all parties. 
Compliance with Board and State Policies 
Support parents/guardians with understanding board and state policies to ensure compliance is being honored within the school setting. 
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