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Many children are performing 
poorly in school due to structural and institutional barriers that exist within the public and private school systems. 

The mission of JAX Aspire Foundation is to support parents/guardians navigate the public and private school system in an attempt to break down structural barriers that hinder students from achieving positive academic and behavioral results.

Supplying services for:


of School-Age Children


> Interpret National and State Growth and Achievement Reports


> Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences


> Attend Disciplinary Hearings/Meetings (Suspensions and Expulsion)


> Interpret Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

Attend Special Education Case Conferences

Ensure schools are in compliance with State and District Policies and Practices

  Phillip Mayer, 35 

With JAX Aspire Foundation, I was able to place my son on an evidence-based behavioral plan that kept him in the classroom vs. the office. ”

  Noni Faraji, 25  

JAX Aspire Foundation supported me during my child's annual IEP Case Conference. 

  Peter Varela, 43  

My wife and I were forced to immigrate. We used JAX Aspire Foundation services to ensure our children had the best transition to the public school system. 

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